All students are required to wear the College uniform with pride. The Uniform Policy outlines expectations and direction on uniform requirements.

All of the required uniform items, apart from shoes, can be purchased at the school's uniform shop. Parents of the College also have the option to download uniform order forms here.

Opening Hours

The uniform shop is open the following times during the term:

  • Tuesday from 9am to 4pm
  • Friday from 9am to 2pm

Email: uniformshop@htlc.vic.edu.au

Phone: 03 5382 2529

Secondhand Uniforms and Textbooks

Secondhand school items can be traded through the Sustainable School Shop website.

This website is a one-stop-shop to buy and sell second-hand uniforms and textbooks year round. The PTFA is providing this service so there is no cost for families—each family that registers on the Sustainable School Shop will be given a subscription.

  1. Create your account on the Sustainable School Shop website and nominate Holy Trinity Lutheran College.
  2. List your items for sale or wanted ads if you are looking to buy. The system matches the ads of buyers with sellers and notifies the buyer by email.

The school’s uniform and book lists are loaded into the system to make listing ads easy.