The Junior School

At Holy Trinity Lutheran College, the Junior School provides an excellent education for primary students. We understand that it is the primary years of education that form the foundation to a child’s learning abilities and future potential. Recognising that students are individuals with different approaches to learning, our teachers take a student-centred approach to nurture each student’s God-given abilities for a life of faith and service, through their intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and social growth.

Technology is taught both explicitly and integrated into most areas of learning. Students are encouraged to think critically, use initiative, accept responsibility and grow in self-confidence. Through relevant and meaningful learning opportunities, collaborative work skills are developed and the effort of each child is applauded.

We strive for excellence in our quest to equip students for life in the 21st century. Learning support and enrichment programs are provided to assist and extend students in their individual learning journey.

The Curriculum

The teaching and learning in our primary school aligns to the Australian Curriculum, with an emphasis placed on teaching core literacy and numeracy skills, to equip students with the competence to succeed across the curriculum. The following subjects are taught in our primary school:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Christian Studies
  • Digital and Design Technologies
  • Geography
  • History
  • Mandarin (Years 3–6)
  • Performing Arts (Music and Drama)
  • Visual Arts
  • Units of Inquiry

Learning support and enrichment programs are provided to assist and extend students in their individual learning journey.

Pastoral Care

Holy Trinity Lutheran College is committed to enhancing and strengthening the social, emotional and spiritual development of all students. We recognise that wellbeing is fundamental to learning and is integral in every aspect of our primary school's culture. We seek to ensure students are actively engaged with learning and develop positive and respectful relationships and connections within the school and community. A Christ-centred approach underpins the foundational values which the pastoral care program is based on.

Holy Trinity Lutheran College seeks to listen to and empower its students. The safety and wellbeing of all students is the primary focus of our care and decision-making. We are committed to providing a child-safe environment where children and young people are protected and feel safe.

The school wellbeing program aims to achieve this by providing specific programs within the school. These include:

  • The Share Care Program
  • Second Step (Foundation to Year 7) 
  • Second Step Bullying Prevention (Foundation to Year 7) 
  • Drumbeat (Years 3 to 6) 
  • Friendology 101 (Years 1 to 5 as needed)
  • Buddy Program (involving Foundation and Year 6 students).

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Student Leadership

At Holy Trinity Lutheran College, we recognise leadership opportunities for all students as role models for others. In addition to this, primary school students are provided with a range of formal roles to develop their leadership skills.

  • Junior School Captains and vice-captains are elected from our Year 6 classes. Junior School Captains lead worship, are involved in the Student Representative Council and represent our school at community events.
  • House Captains for each of our Houses are elected from our Year 6 classes. House Captains help to organise and facilitate sporting events throughout the school year.
  • Students from Year 3 to Year 6 are elected to be their class representative on the Student Representative Council (SRC). The SRC makes decisions about student-led fundraising, charity drives and organises student events throughout the year.
  • The Digital Technology Team provides technical support for weekly assemblies and chapel, as well as annual events in the school calendar.
  • All Year 6 students are ‘buddies’ for our Foundation students. During Term 1 they play a big part in helping our new students become familiar and confident within the school environment. Throughout the year opportunities are provided for buddies to support their Foundation buddy in the classroom and playground, develop their relationships and to model behaviour for our Foundation students.