Middle School leaders

Hear from our Middle School Captains Chloe Altmann and Evan Hahn


Thank you for joining us for the Holy Trinity Lutheran College Open Day. My name is Chloe and I’m Evan and we are the Middle School Captains.

As you make your way around the different learning spaces of our Middle School, you’ll experience contemporary and agile classrooms and areas, designed to meet the needs of adolescent learners.

You’ll notice friendly, welcoming and caring teachers who are eager to get to know you as an individual and a learner.

You will also notice a wide range of subjects which covers an expansive curriculum, giving all learners an opportunity to thrive and pursue their areas of interest and passion.

And you’ll hopefully meet us, the students. You’ll experience what we get to enjoy every day, a feeling that you belong, have value and are an important part of the team.

We love learning at Holy Trinity Lutheran College, and look forward to you joining us when you enter Year 7.