Senior School leaders

Senior School Captains Jessica Daniell and Silvie Hahn speak ahead of the 2023 HTLC Open Day


Good afternoon and thank you for joining us. My name is Jessica Daniell and I am Silvie Hahn and we are the College Captains for 2023.

Throughout our Open Day, we look forward to sharing with you a brief snapshot of the extensive learning experiences and activities offered in our Senior School.

Whilst Senior School collaborates with the other sub-schools, it provides a more independent, academic focus and a view to future pathways. Our teachers prepare us for success beyond school, whether we choose a university or vocational pathway.

We have a more mature learning environment that is both relational and respectful and our furniture and learning spaces provide opportunities for individual, small group, whole class or combined class learning and study. 

For more information, please call in and see Mr Bandel and Mrs Schneider who will be located in the MPC and will be able to answer your questions about VCE and Applied Learning pathways through Senior School.

Or, join our captains for a tour of our classrooms, science and sport facilities and our amazing purpose-designed senior learning centre.